Saturday Tea Tastings

Tastings are limited to 15-20 people. Purchase tickets in advance. All tastings are $18.00 each, unless noted otherwise.  

9:15 a.m.

Bouquet in Your Cup

 Many popular teas are flavored with flowers. During this tea tasting session, you will learn about teas flavored in the country of origin, such as Jasmine Pearls and Rose Pouchong. Other teas are blended and flavored in the country of consumption, using other ingredients such as flowers, floral flavoring oils or granules. One special tea will actually bloom in our tea pot. Certified Tea Sommelier Teresa Weddelman will take you on a fragrant and flavorful tea tasting adventure highlighting the various ways that flowers are incorporated into your tea.

10:30 a.m.

 Can you gaiwan?

The gaiwan is traditional Chinese teaware that has been used for centuries to brew tea. During this tea tasting session you will discover the unique features of a gaiwan, several reasons why people use gaiwans for brewing the best tea, not the least of which is to have more control over the depth of flavor in your brew. This hands-on session offers the opportunity to practice using a gaiwan while also tasting some rare teas. During this small group session, certified tea specialists and tea mentors Deb and Mike Raab of Tea-for-All in Trenton, NJ, will guide you.  Note:   Class fee includes the Gaiwan which will be yours to take home so you can become a a gaiwan master!    $30.00 class fee

12:00 p.m.

Professional Tea Cupping 101

Ever wonder what a professional tea cupper does? Have you ever really tasted your tea or do you simply drink it? In this guided session you will learn the steps to evaluate teas, just like a tea professional. Our instructor, DonnaLee Yeatts, will guide you through the process of a professional tea cupping where you will use most of your senses (sight, touch, smell, and taste) to evaluate the tea leaves (both in the dried form and after they have steeped), the brewed liquor and the taste. We will compare, contrast and evaluate two unique oolong teas. Then, you will be able to apply your newfound skills to begin the art and science of tea journaling as DonnaLee will provide hints, tips, and suggestions on journaling your tea tasting experiences. We are pleased to welcome DonnaLee Yeatts, certified tea specialist from the World Tea Academy, presenting at the tea festival this year. 

1:30 p.m.

Seasonal Garnishing for Tea Time, or We eat with our eyes!   

 Afternoon tea time is not just for nourishment, it’s an adventure that begins with the eyes. The presentation of your tea treats can elevate the experience from a fun snack to a feast of the senses. A beautifully arranged plate not only stimulates the appetite, but also sets the stage for a memorable event. The colors, textures, and garnishing details of the food on the plate awaken feelings of anticipation and excitement, inviting guests to savor each bite. Presentation is an art form that can showcase creativity and transform something simple into a masterpiece. Discover how a small tomato can transform into a heart, produce a “carrot“ vessel for spring dips, create a cookie turkey that can be used as a place card or take-home treat, and learn how-to slice a festive tree to add to an appetizer plate. These details create a visual harmony that will enhance the flavor and enjoyment of each occasion, proving that we truly eat with our eyes first. This demonstration of a few easy seasonal garnishes will be guided by Marnie D'Amato along with her husband Neil from The Garden Tearoom in Conyngham, PA