Friday Tea Tastings

minute programs featuring tea tastings or tea pairings. Purchase tickets in advance . Tastings are limited to 15-20 people and have an additional fee. All are $18.00 each.

9:15-10:15 AM

Tea 101 (Filled)

The amazing complexities and variations in the wide world of tea can all be attributed to the individual plant species Camellia sinensis. This introductory tea tasting session will focus on tea (Camellia sinensis) and the many categories of tea that are produced from this single plant that yields a full range of tastes to experience. With different production techniques, the range of flavors produced include white, green both Chinese (pan fried) & Japanese (steamed) styles, oolong, black and pu erh teas. Such diversity from one single plant! A discussion on caffeine myths and facts, health benefits, and the difference between tea and tisanes (herbals) will round out the session. Karen Donnelly, Tea & Herbal Association of Canada Certified Tea Sommelier and owner of Greenhalgh Tea will walk you through the different processing methods and a tasting of these five tea types.

10:30 AM

Tea Tasting - Discover the ComplexiTEAS of Oolong Tea (Filled)

This tasting session will provide an introduction to the many varied flavor profiles of oolong tea. Discover the complex and varied nuances found in this class of 'not quite green and not quite black' tea. The range of oolong teas offers a unique tasting session with flavor that can be described as green and fresh, or sweet and fruity, even woody and roasted flavor notes, all depending upon the cultivar and the processing technique. As you are guided through this tea tasting session by certified tea specialists and tea mentors Deb and Mike Raab of Tea-for-All in Trenton, NJ, you will be amazed at the variety and complexity of this category of teas.


Musicali-TEA (Filled)

This unique session introduces participants to the fundamentals of choosing and brewing high quality teas accompanied with a musical element. Sample exclusive artisan-quality hand-picked teas, including premium Taiwanese Oolong and Black varieties. Dr. Sally Wei, a Certified Tea Sommelier and recognized tea expert will demonstrate the traditional Chinese Gong Fu tea preparation as attendees are guided through the process of properly brewing and tasting the tea of the day. In addition, attendees will listen to carefully chosen music, discover its musical stories, and historical background. Dr. Wei is an accomplished classical pianist and holds a Doctorate in Musical Arts. Sally shares her equal passions for music and tea during this specialty session. Sally is the founder of Sally's Parlor in Santa Rosa, CA and we are pleased to welcome her to PA to present this event.

1:30 PM

Tea and Cookies .. A Classic Combination (Filled)

Join us for a delightful afternoon “sweet treat” break. Everyone has their favorite Girl Scout cookie! But have you considered pairing that favorite cookie with a selection of different teas? With this tea tasting session, you will be served several varieties of the ever popular Girl Scout cookies which will then be paired with a selection of different teas to tempt your palate and tickle your tastebuds. This range of teas, including a black tea, a flavored black tea, a flavored green tea, as well as an herbal blend will be compared and contrasted with the assorted cookies. With your newly acquired tea and cookie pairing skills, perhaps this will inspire you to create original combinations for your own favorite cookies (homemade or store bought) this upcoming holiday season. We welcome Marnie and Neil D'Amato from The Garden Tearoom in Conyngham, PA as your cookie pairing and tea tasting guides.

3:00 PM

Craft Class: Tea Time Shadow Box (Filled)

This craft session features a charming 5 inch square shadow box with small divided sections that you will design and decorate with assorted special trinkets and treasures. All supplies will be included such as mini tea cups and dishes, lace, sparkly items, dried flowers and fancy papers. There will be an array of miniature tidbits to pick and choose from, but if you have your own small favorite trinket, feel free to bring it along to add to this sweet shadow box. The box will easily sit on a shelf, or can be hung on a wall, gifted to a friend, or kept for yourself. We are pleased to welcome returning instructor and talented artist Patti Van Brederode to guide you through this clever and fun project.

The photographs below offer a few ways to decorate the shadow box.