Friday Tea Tastings

minute programs featuring tea tastings or tea pairings. Purchase tickets in advance . Tastings are limited to 15-20 people and have an additional fee. All are $15.00 each.

9:15-10:15 AM

Make it and Take it Class – Jewelry! (Sold Out)

Create your own unique piece of personal tea jewelry. Sturdy tea pot charms and beads will be provided so everyone can create a necklace or bracelet that is uniquely their own. Our instructor, Patti Van Brederode, with her degree in Art Education, has a great gift for providing clear instructions. Creative and talented, Patti brings an artist’s eye to the classroom. All supplies are included. We will fill your cups with a morning blend for you to enjoy while you create.

10:30 AM

Yellow Tea, What is it?

Moving beyond the familiar black and green tea categories, this class will delve into the unique classification of yellow tea. During this special tea tasting session, discover a tea similar to green tea, but perhaps more mellow. This introduction to the world of yellow tea will offer the opportunity to discover the characteristics associated with yellow tea, where it's grown and processed, how to properly brew it, and detect tasting notes that are particular to this rare Chinese tea. Deb Raab, Specialty Tea Institute Certified Tea Instructor and owner of Tea-For-All Tea Bar and Tea Shoppe located in Trenton, NJ will guide you through this course.


Tea Brewing Basics and Beyond (Sold Out)

Don't let loose leaf tea intimidate you! Become a tea brewing expert and learn how to make the most of the leaf in your cup as you discover the tricks to making the perfect cup of tea. With the ultimate goal of answering all your tea brewing questions, we will explore the complexities of achieving the perfect cup of tea. Which is better, tea bags or loose leaf tea? How long should I brew my tea? Does tea really keep forever? Does water quality matter? By the end of this class, you will know how to make the perfect cup of tea for you. We will sample tea prepared using a variety of methods to discover the do's and don'ts of tea brewing. Join Teresa Weddelman, a certified tea sommelier and tea specialist, for this educational class.

1:30 PM

Chocolate and Tea Pairing (Sold Out)

Tea and chocolate pair with each other amazingly well! During this flavorful and entertaining session you will be encouraged to make a conscious effort and follow a deliberate process to distinguish different taste sensations, knowing that there is no right or wrong answer. Pairing is an art and a science where you will discover what is flavorful and enjoyable to you, and perhaps what doesn’t quite meld. The key to a chocolate and tea pairing session is quality chocolate and equally good quality tea, both of which will be offered during this session. Local Chocolatier Diane Krulac of Brittle Bark will lead this tasty tasting. Diane has a very clear and organized manner of walking you through the chocolate spectrum and how tea and chocolate complement, enhance or contrast in flavor. You will be surprised at the results! Or, as eighth-century Chinese scholar Lu Yu observed in his definitive work, The Classic of Tea, “In the end, goodness is for the mouth to decide.”

3:00 PM

It’s 5 o’clock Somewhere! A World of Fruit Flavored Teas (Sold Out)

Throw caution to the wind, don your beach hat and flip flops and join Teresa Weddelman in exploring a variety of fruit flavored teas. Discover how tea leaves are flavored, blended and scented. In this class, in addition to the usual "Margarita" fruit teas (a lime tea and an orange tea), we will sample a few other fruity teas. Depending on the weather, we will sample the non-alcoholic teas hot or iced. Instructor Teresa Weddelman hails from Ohio. She is a certified tea sommelier and tea specialist. Join Teresa as she guides you through this tasty, fresh, and flavorful class.