Saturday Tea Tastings

45 minute programs featuring tea tastings or tea pairings. 

Tastings are limited to 20 people and have an additional fee of $18.00 per person, unless noted otherwise.  

Purchase tickets in advance 

Please note: the sessions listed here were featured in 2023. New sessions will be announced in July, 2024.

9:15 AM

Bubble Tea Basics (Sold Out) - Beyond the ordinary with Cuppa Love Travelin’ Tea

 Do you love bubble tea but you’re intimidated by the thought of making it yourself? Or perhaps you’re new to the world of drinks that you also 'chew'? We will demonstrate the basics on how to create bubble tea at home, the different types of “toppings” (most think of tapioca pearls, but there are many more to choose from!), and where to buy the ingredients for your perfect bubble tea. Of course, you’ll also get to taste it for yourself! Join Colleen Optiz of Cuppa Love Travelin' Tea where their motto is 'unplug, unwind & connect'. Connect with Colleen and other tea enthusiasts as she guides you through the basics of bubble tea and beyond. Colleen hails from Maryland, and is the owner of Cuppa Love Travelin' Tea.

10:30 AM

 Cooking With Tea! (Sold Out)

Get ready for a new adventure in discovering flavor combinations available with tea; both true tea (Camellia sinensis) and herbal tea (tisane). This seminar, presented by Debbie Hartman, of Thyme with Debbie,  will offer a journey into the process of cooking with tea, and introduce you to the methods of bringing a new flavor dimension to your food. There are so many flavor profiles available to us in a cup of tea, and Debbie is excited to share the possibilities with you. Debbie will discuss how tea is flavored, guide you to discover which tea best suits your own individual taste and demonstrate how to use tea as a fresh and unique ingredient. She will share how she tweaks and adapts recipes, offering hints and tips so that you will be able to do the same in your kitchen. She will demonstrate a few of her culinary adaptations to recipes, offer tastings, and provide recipes to recreate these culinary delights in your own home. Take your culinary skills up a notch with the flavor found in teas! Debbie has an extensive background both as a gardener and a cook. She was a teacher and cook at the Lebanon County Cooking Institute. She has over 30 years of volunteerism in the areas of gardening and cooking. Her culinary talents have taken a new direction by discovering the hidden secrets of cooking with both tea (Camellia sinensis) and also herbal tisanes to create a whole new level of flavor to her culinary creations. 

12:00 PM

US Grown Tea (Sold Out)

American made! We all know and have enjoyed tea from the 5 countries of origin; China, Japan, Taiwan, India, and Ceylon (Sri Lanka), but truly tea is grown all over the world. Up and coming are the tea growing regions of the United States. Tea is being grown and harvested throughout the southern states, up the western coast, and in Hawaii. In this tea-tasting session, you will get to taste a variety of tea that is all US grown and processed. Certified tea specialists and tea mentors Deb and Mike Raab of Tea-for-All in Trenton, NJ, have traveled to many of the tea growing plantations around the United States. They will guide you through this tea tasting session and share their amazing adventures on these tea farms as you sample a range of American made teas.

1:30 PM

Creating a TEA SPA (Sold Out)   

Self care is important, and that includes skin care. During this make-it and take-it specialTea session, you will discover that do-it-yourself skin care is quite beneficial, and easier than you think. Learn the basics behind exfoliating sugar scrubs, including the benefits of using a tea infused sugar scrub. You will create your very own 10 ounce version of these do-it-yourself body scrubs. Not only is it an affordable option compared to store-bought scrubs, you'll be amazed how quick and easy they are to create, and perfect for yourself or gift giving. Join Melissa Fitch-Ciccotelli of 'Tea You There' as she guides you through this hands-on, fun, and educational crafting session. Melissa hails from Baltimore, MD, and regularly attends the World Tea Expo to enhance her tea journey.

3:00 PM

Napkin Folding and Tea Tasting (Sold Out)

This clever session introduces unique napkin folding techniques where you will discover fanciful ways to decorate your tablescape through the four seasons. Napkin folding is a festive way to set the scene for a special event, an easy way to impress family and guests, and a simple source of joy. Although cloth napkins are a must, paper napkins are perfect for this hands-on practice session. Through demonstration you will be guided through a series of napkin folding creations. You will discover how to craft a red rose, an adorable bunny rabbit, tom turkey and a Christmas tree, even perhaps a fancy fold, too. Under the guided tutelage of husband and wife team Neil and Marnie D'Anato of The Garden Tearoom in Conyngham, PA, this unique class is sure to inspire. Specialty tea provided by Sibahle Teas will be offered along with a tasteful teatime treat prepared by Marnie.

3:15 PM

 Creative Crafting:   Tea Mat Weaving Class (off site) (Sold Out)

In this unique craft class, you will learn to weave a small 7” x 7” square mat for your tea cup or mug. No weaving experience necessary! Held at Weft, where they believe in a freestyle weaving philosophy that they call Wabi-Sabi Weaving™. This liberating approach to weaving embraces the Japanese aesthetic where beauty comes from imperfection. In Wabi-Sabi weaving, “mistakes” add to the beauty of the creation! Gentle and kind, tea drinking instructor Nelly Smith will guide you through the process. Class is limited to 8 and everyone will have their own loom to use and full choice of materials including some special tea dyed materials. NOTE: This class is held at WEFT, cleverly hidden in an alley behind Main Street, within several blocks walking distance or available parking behind the studio. Directions will be emailed to participants.  Fee: $28.00 per person.