Saturday Tea Tastings

45 minute programs featuring tea tastings or tea pairings.

Tastings are limited to 20 people and have an additional fee of $15.00 per person. .

Purchase tickets in advance

9:15 AM

All about CHAI (Sold Out)

Masala chai (or more casually shortened to “chai” in America) is the traditional drink of India and defined as a blend of black tea, milk, sugar, and spices. There is no exact recipe for how to make this, but traditionally includes those four ingredients. The word “Masala” means “blend of spices” and the ones most commonly used are ginger, cinnamon, cardamom, and clove but it is certainly not limited to those. We will explore the history of chai, the spices both “cooling” and “warming”, and their health purposes as will as how to prepare a variety of chai tea blends and chai lattes. Susanna Reppert Brill of The Rosemary House is the instructor, a good flavorful chai is her favorite tea as she enjoys the versatility of this beverage.

10:00 AM

Cooking With Tea (Sold Out)

Learn how to creatively and tastefully incorporate the flavors of tea into your cooking repertoire. Elevate your culinary creations by adding the natural goodness of tea by utilizing the Camellia sinensis (tea) as an addition to the herbs and spices in your cupboards. Whether you are using the tea steeped, infused, ground, or as whole leaf tea, learn how to enhance the flavors in your culinary delights, in both cooking and baking. Participants will sample savories and sweets made with tea, while sipping the different teas used. Recipes will be provided to class participants. This informative class will be presented by certified Tea Association of Canada Tea Sommelier Karen Donnelly of Greenhalgh Tea. Karen is the owner of the Orchard Tea Room in Thornton, PA and has been an afternoon tea event planner, speaker, and teacher for over 20 years.

12:00 PM

You're So BeauTEAful! (Canceled by speaker)

We regret the last minute cancellation of this specialty presentation. This fun and educational workshop features all that is beautiful, you and tea! During this session, you’ll learn how to incorporate tea into your beauty and self-care routine, which types of teas are great for health and beauty, and the cosmetic benefits they provide. You'll even get to make a skincare product to take home with you! This class is perfect for tea enthusiasts of all levels. The instructor, AnnaRose Rotondi-Kauser (TEA.E.O. Visionary. Master Blender. Pillow Lover. Seashell Collector. Mompreneur. Lightning Bolt) is the owner and founder of Oh You, TEAse.

1:30 PM

Tea and Honey Pairing and Tasting (Sold Out)

The combination of quality tea and flavored honey can offer a fantastically complex and flavorful pairing to create the ultimate taste sensation! Discover a range of honey flavors at this tea and honey pairing hosted by Lori Stahl of BeeBees All Naturals. With three different teas to sample, Lori will provide a variety of flavored honey to add to each tea. You will be able to compare and contrast the flavor notes found in the honey and decide which pairing is your favorite. From light and fresh tasting teas, to the bold aromas of black tea, the flavors of the tea and honey should complement and enhance each other without being overwhelming. You will be charmed with Lori’s enthusiasm for honey, tea, and nature at this entertaining tasting session.

3:00 PM

Charcuterie Board and Tea Pairing (Sold Out)

Enjoy a mini "Charc Attack" and savor the artistic culinary skills of Chef David T. Mills III during this specialty tasting session. The Charcuterie Board will feature Chef's Choice of three charcuterie meats, three artisan cheeses and assorted pickled accompaniments. The unique flavor profiles of the charcuterie board will be compared and contrasted with specialty teas of Nepal. Chef Mills has over 20 years of food service management experience and teaches college level culinary arts classes in Central Pennsylvania, as well as Italy, France, Spain, and Portugal. His culinary passion and butchering skills are rooted in local and sustainable food that makes use of the entire animal. Chef Mills is the owner of Smoke & Pickles Artisan Butcher Shop located just down the street from the PA Tea Festival. The Charcuterie Board will be complemented with a sampling of fine teas prepared and presented by Pratik Rijal of Nepal Teas.