Friday Lectures

Informative programs 45 minutes on tea included in your ticket price.  
Seating hall limited to 50.

10:30 am- A Tea Writers Journey - Melinda Downey Shultz

 Join Melinda Shultz, author of Horror in the Hostas: A Dahlia Cruikshank Teatime Mystery, for an interactive presentation on how the heroine of her novel solves crimes by reading tea leaves. Learn a little bit about botanilinguistics, the language of plants, as we study the magic that can be found in our teacups. We'll even put pen to paper for a little sleuthing of our own. This fun and clever morning session will feature a short creative writing opportunity where you will be prompted to solve a crime based on several plant-related clues provided in a paper teacup while under the tutelage of creative writer Melinda Shultz. Melinda studied creative writing in Ireland, received her degree in fine arts from Carlow University, and has worked as an environmental writer for more than 20 years. Since 2011, she has been teaching a creative writing program at Bosler Library (Carlisle, PA) and welcomes those interested in the craft of writing to join that program. She lives in Dillsburg, PA with her husband and two Labrador retrievers.


11:30 am-  Tea with Jane Austen 

This session talks about the importance of tea in her life and the lives of those who lived in the Regency Era.  Tea figured prominently in Jane's life and work and at the center of almost every social situation in her novels one finds tea. Judi Slack is a passionate tea devotee in Cleveland. Being fascinated with tea her whole life, she put this passion to work; studied hard, sampled lots of tea and received four certificates from the World Tea Academy.  She organizes a meetup group that revolves around tea, that has been in existence for seven years, with a membership of 89 other tea enthusiasts. Ms. Slack also teaches various tea information classes at a nearby community college. She says the following ancient Chinese proverb best defines her relationship with the world of tea “Better to be deprived of food for three days, than of tea for one.”

12:30 pmJapanese Tea Traditions. 

The Way of Tea  Sachiko Houck, born in Fukuoka, Japan but currently residing in Lancaster, PA will share her knowledge of the Japanese style of tea. With a strong background in the ‘way of tea’, learning from her mother during her early years, and continuing her studies with Urasenke Philadelphia, (, Sachiko will offer a glimpse into Japanese tea traditions. This class will provide an introduction to the cultural aspects of the tea ceremony, which provides a once in a lifetime moment, never to be repeated.  The Japanese Tea Ceremony is a lifelong learning process,  incorporating the four principals of the tea ceremony; harmony, respect, purity, and tranquility, while essentially creating a moving meditation for the guests and host. Featured in the tea ceremony is Matcha tea, a powdered green tea. The ever growing popularity of Matcha tea (powdered green tea) has placed a spotlight on the early cultural use of this tea. The unique variety of equipage used in the preparation of Matcha will also be discussed. 


1:30 pm - From Leaf to Cup – The Tea Production Process

How a variety of teas are produced from one plant is a fascinating discussion. Join Virginia Utermohlen Lovelace MD as she guides you through the production process of the Camellia sinensis plant that eventually yields the unique types of white, green, oolong, and black teas. Learn about the various steps of the process from leaf to cup. You will discover how one leaf can be the source of such amazingly different flavors, and learn the secrets of releasing these flavors as you brew your tea. Virginia began her work with flavor and its enjoyment as a faculty member and award-winning teacher in the Division of Nutritional Sciences at Cornell University in Ithaca NY, continued this work in her book, "Three Basic Teas & How To Enjoy Them," and now brings her knowledge and enthusiasm for all things tea directly to you—have your questions ready!

 2:30 pm -  Tea Party Planning Made Easy 

Janet Young of Over the Teacup will inspire and motivate as she shares clever and creative ways to host a themed tea party event from selecting a theme, planning a menu, to complimenting decorating ideas, and adding in entertainment plus additional tips for a successful event. Janet is a clever and creative hostess. She will inspire and offer guidance along with a range of unique ideas that will leave you excited to begin planning and coordinating your next special event whether it be for a small intimate gathering or a larger endeavor.