Friday Lectures

Informative programs 45 minutes on tea included in your ticket price.  
Seating hall limited to 50.

10:30am The Japanese Tea Ceremony, ‘The Way of Tea’, Matcha and More

Matcha green tea will be the highlight of this seminar featuring the numerous health benefits of tea, the increasing popularity of this special tea, and including how it is grown in Japan. Tea grown in Japan is harvested and crafted into Matcha through special growing techniques and unique processing that yields the powdered green tea known as Matcha. Historically, the Japanese Tea Ceremony is a large part of the Japanese culture, and during this ceremony, the host aims to serve the guest the most satisfying bowl of tea possible as they enjoy this ‘once in a lifetime’ moment. Time shared that can never be repeated. Spanning a period of twenty years, Todd sensei from Gessha has studied the Urasenke style of the Japanese tea ceremony. Typically, this ceremony is taught on a one on one basis, from teacher to student. In an effort to help you understand the social and cultural event of the Japanese Tea Ceremony, he will share a basic introduction to the way of tea in an attempt to understand the spirit of the tea ceremony. Some of the utensils required to make Matcha will be shown, including the chawan (bowl) and the chasen (bamboo whisk). And an explanation of the tea sweets that are served at the tea ceremony will be discussed.


11:30am  VinTEAge Tastes and Tonics 

Homemade tea flavored vinegars are inexpensive and easy to make and provide a simple way to add unique flavor to salad dressings, marinades, and every day meals. During this session, you will discover the techniques used to combine tea with vinegar to create unique culinary delights not only for use in the kitchen, but also to improve and enhance your well-being. Dennis Mawhinney is always an entertaining, enthusiastic and informative presenter and he has promised a taste or two as well. 

12:30pm  The Tea Industry Through the Eyes of a Second Generation Nepali Tea Farmer 

If we were to look back at the history of tea, we unleash a myriad of things. Tea has been around for centuries and the stories are many and diverse. Tea soothes and heals, as well as having started wars. In the 21st century, tea has emerged as a champion of social enterprise. When you drink a cup of tea, you have the comfort of knowing that your tea has helped the tea farmer and his family live a better life. Learn more about Nepali Organic Teas from a US college educated second generation tea farmer where the tea factory has been operating for over 30 years. Today it employs 600 farmers, providing them with free housing, subsidized food, cows for extra income and most importantly scholarships for educating the farmers’ children. Hear stories about how the tea you are investing in is making changes in the lives of people from Nepal to Sri Lanka. As a social enterprise, tea is making a difference! Nishchal Banskota of Nepal Teas, LLC based our of NJ will give this enlightening presentation.

1:30pm More Than a Tempest in a Teapot—America Comes into Being

This tells the story of early American history illustrated with tea wares—from Columbus through the Revolution to clipper ships.  Hear how tea was an important part of the social, economic, and political fabric of our country. Peggy Hedden, is a lawyer, political science, history buff, whose love of tea grew in college; her collection of tea things and information about many aspects of tea has been growing over the past 50 years! Originally from PA, Peggy now drinks her daily tea in Columbus, OH.


2:30pm  Tea Party Planning Made Easy 

Lorna Reeves, editor of TeaTime Magazine will inspire and motivate as she shares clever and creative ways to host a tea party event from selecting a theme, to complimenting decorating ideas, comprehensive menu planning and tips for a successful event. Lorna is an innovator, dedicated to introducing the art of afternoon tea to all generations. With a host of party planning essentials to guide and inspire coupled with the encouragement to think outside the box this program will inspire you to confidently host your own memorable event for family and friends. TeaTime Magazine provides an excellent source for recipes, ideas, and decorating for the perfect event. In addition, they have a range of books that are the perfect resource for planning a special event.