Friday Tea Tastings

45 minute programs featuring tea tastings or tea pairings

Tastings are limited to 15 people and have an additional fee of $15.00 per person.


9:15am  Cooking With Tea (Sold Out)

If you think tea is to be enjoyed only as a beverage, think again! It is easy to use tea to supplement the herbs and spices in your kitchen by transforming ordinary recipes into something extra special. Chef Linda Gauvry, of TasteBuds will present the many ways to introduce tea into your cooking to enhance the flavor of foods, making a meal truly memorable. Whether you use green, white, black or herbal teas, by either using brewed tea in place of water in many recipes, or using tea leaves directly in your dishes, the delicate flavors of the teas will enhance your recipes. Linda will share some hints and techniques to use in your personal kitchen. Taste test a recipe or two that Linda has created using tea.

10:30am  Expanding into East Asian Teas with a Tasting of Taiwanese Teas

About one-quarter of the world’s oolong tea production comes from Taiwan.  You will learn of oolongs, the meaning behind the name Formosa, and uncover the sweetness, the body and the flavors of this countries unique teas.  This exploration will be lead by Rie Tulali General Manager of Tealet, a Nevada based grower network specializing in direct trade teas. Rie is knowledgable and passionate about tea and the tea industry.   

12:00pm   Tea 101  

A class on the different production styles of tea (camillia sinensis) and a tasting of the different varieties including white, green (both Chinese & Japanese styles), oolong, black & pu’er with discussion on caffeine myths & facts; health benefits; and the difference between tea & tisanes (herbals)  Karen Donnelly, Tea & Herbal Association of Canada Certified Tea Sommelier – Owner, Greenhalgh Tea, Thorton, PA

1:30pm  Chocolate and Tea Pairing  (Sold Out)

Tea and chocolate pair with each other amazingly well!  Local Chocolatier Diane Krulac of Brittle Bark will lead this tasty tasting.  Diane has a very clear and organized manner of walking you through the chocolate spectrum and explaining how tea and chocolate compliment, enhance or contrast in flavor.  You will be surprised at the results! 

3:00pm The Spectrum of Tea Tasting 

A Flight of GREEN Teas with Mike and Deb Raab of Tea-For-All from New Jersey. This session is a great opportunity to explore the nuanced tastes and flavors associated with the many green tea varietals. Discover the wide range of flavors found in this category of Camellia sinensis tea. Greens teas are frequently described as having a vegetal, grassy, or even seaweed taste to them. The flavor range is also dependent upon their country of origin, Japanese vs. Chinese teas for example. Mike and Deb will address the proper brewing techniques for green teas (water temperature is important!), including the possibility of coaxing multiple steepings from one pot. A little touch on tea history and the many health benefits associated with green tea will be included in this session also. This husband and wife team are always delightful, informative and entertaining as well.