Friday Tea Tastings

Friday Tea Tastings – 45 minute programs featuring tea tastings or tea pairings. 

Purchase tickets in advance . Tastings are limited to 15-20 people and have an additional fee.  All are $15.00.  Except the tea tray painting.

9:15 am-  Cooking With Tea

If you think tea is to be enjoyed only as a beverage, think again! It is easy to use tea to supplement the herbs and spices in your kitchen by transforming ordinary recipes into something extra special. Chef Linda Gauvry, of TasteBuds will present the many ways to introduce tea into your cooking to enhance the flavor of foods, making a meal truly memorable. Whether you use green, white, black or herbal teas, by either using brewed tea in place of water in many recipes, or using tea leaves directly in your dishes, the delicate flavors of the teas will enhance your recipes. Linda will share some hints and techniques to use in your personal kitchen. Taste test a recipe or two that Linda has created using tea.

10:30 am- Tea Lattes and drinks from the Tea Bar

Take your tea drinking adventure to the next level with this fun tea tasting class. You will learn useful techniques to create a range of specialty drinks such as tea lattes and other simple and delicious beverages that are easy to recreate at home. Lora Andrews, previous owner of CUP, a tea bar in Westminster, MD, and chef at Gypsy’s Tea Room, also in Westminster, will guide you thru the steps to make these specialty beverages that are sure to please any tea lover. Samples and recipes provided, too. 

12:00 pm TEA TASTING – Tea 101  

This class will focus on tea (Camellia sinensis) and the many categories of tea that are produced from this single plant that yields a full range of tastes to experience. The amazing complexities and variations in the wide variety of tea can all be attributed to the individual plant species Camellia sinensis. With different production techniques, the range of flavors produced include white, green both Chinese (pan fried) & Japanese (steamed) styles, oolong, black and puerh teas. Such diversity from one single plant! Karen Donnelly, Tea & Herbal Association of Canada Certified Tea Sommelier and owner of Greenhalgh Tea will walk you through the different processing methods and a tasting of these five tea types. A discussion on caffeine myths and fact, health benefits, and the difference between tea and tisanes (herbals) will round out the session.

1:30 pm –   Creating Chocolate Tea (Sold Out)

Learn about cocoa beans and how they are processed to create cocoa nibs and chocolate for brewing. Taste brewed chocolate made using both chocolate nibs and brewing chocolate. Then learn how to create Chocolate Tea using different teas (Black, Oolong, Green) along with cocoa nibs and brewing chocolate for a unique hot tea & chocolate flavored beverage. Taste 4 unique blends of chocolate tea made using different teas with different cocoa beans processed for making brewing chocolate. Create your own custom blend of chocolate tea and fill a tea bag to take home and enjoy along with a tea truffle that complements your chocolate tea! Local Chocolatier Diane Krulac of Brittle Bark will lead this tasty tasting. Diane has a very clear and organized manner of walking you through the chocolate spectrum and how tea and chocolate complement, enhance or contrast in flavor. You will be surprised at the results!  

3:00 pm –  The Spectrum of Tea Tasting  Pu’erh

 Take your tea tasting adventure into the realm of Pu’erh (Puer) Tea. Delve into the allure of Pu’erh Tea, including pronunciation, spelling and a brief history of this unique dark tea sourced from the Yunnan province of China. This tea tasting session will be presented by Certified Tea Specialists of the Specialty Tea Institute, Mike and Debbie Raab of Tea-for-All (NJ). They will explain the appeal that surrounds this dark tea, and why it is savored by health conscious individuals and desired by tea connoisseurs, and is even hoarded by others. The story of this tea is woven through the novel written by Lisa See, The Tea Girl of Hummingbird Lane. At this tea tasting, you will sample an assortment of both raw and cooked versions of Pu’erh and soon you will understand why you should add this aged tea to your tea chest.

3 p.m.  to 5 p.m. - Paint your own Tea Serving Tray! (Sold Out)

This very special and creative class will be held at Caromal Colours, 13 E Main Street, Mechanicsburg, an easy walk from the PA Tea Festival.  Carol Kemery will help you design your own large wooden serving tray in your choice of color and decoupage design.  Carol is a lively and talented interior designer.   Don't miss this wonderful opportunity of creativity and skill required! Please note this event is at Caromal Colours, 13 E Main Street, $44.00 all supplies included