Saturday Lectures

Informative programs 45 minutes on tea included in your ticket price.  

Seating hall limited to 50, First come, first served seating.

9:30 - Yixing Tea Ware

The mystical tea-ware that is like none other! Discover the world of the traditional Chinese YIXING (pronounced ee-shing) Tea Ware! It’s usable, it’s collectible and it’s unique as far as tea-ware goes; but it’s still a mystery to many tea drinkers. During this presentation, Debbie Raab, a certified Tea Specialist from Specialty Tea Institute, Tea Mentor, and co-owner (along with husband Mike Raab) of Tea-for-All in Trenton, NJ will discuss the what, when and how of Yixing pottery. Debbie will walk you through the origins of Yixing, its history, the most common uses of Yixing, the special clay used, and touch on how this practical and functional pottery is made. She will describe in detail how to properly season and care for your Yixing treasures. As a special surprise, one lucky attendee will go home with a Yixing teapot of their own!

10:30 –The Tea Horse Road: Ancient Trade Route to Tibet 

Tea once traveled the most daunting journey of any plant on the planet. Few tea drinkers know the story of how tea spread to Tibet and beyond from its origin in the mountains of China. Traders for 13 centuries loaded tea on the backs of yaks, mules, horses, sheep, and man, to find their way into Tibet for trade – tea for horses. By the 13th century China was trading millions of pounds of tea for some 25,000 horses a year. This session will focus on the history of The Tea Horse Road (called Cha Ma Gu Dao in Mandarin and Gya’lam or Dre’lam in the Tibetan tongue) and the people who risked their lives while transporting tea on a route that reached the sky. Adventure, exploration, travel, trade, political intrigue, prized tea…what more could you ask for? Tea of course, will be served! Judi Slack is a passionate tea devotee from Cleveland. Being fascinated with tea her whole life, she put this passion to work; studied hard, sampled lots of tea and received five certificates from the World Tea Academy. She organizes a meetup group that revolves around tea, that has been in existence for eight years, with a membership of 90 other tea enthusiasts. Ms. Slack also teaches various tea information classes at a nearby community college and offers tea related presentations at several local libraries. She says the following ancient Chinese proverb best defines her relationship with the world of tea “Better to be deprived of food for three days, than of tea for one.”

11:30 - For the Love of Tea, A Primer 

Terri Firestein, Manager of Dollies Tea Room in Clear Spring, MD will present this basic introduction to tea. Terri is eager to share her knowledge and love of tea at this informative presentation where Camellia sinensis, the tea plant, will be the main topic of discussion. This session will encourage you to discover the wide range of flavors found within one amazing plant. Terri will focus on the various types of tea produced from the tea plant, from green to oolong to black and a few in between. She will discuss brewing basics and guidelines associated with each type of tea; from water temperature to amount of leaf used to steeping time, in an effort to coax the best flavor from loose leaf tea. This primer will also include suggested equipment to properly brew quality tea with ease, taking the mystery out of brewing loose leaf tea. Begin your journey into the fascinating world of tea with this informative class.

12:30 – The Spunk and Modern Spirit of the Art Deco Era

This session features a talk by acclaimed author L.A. Chandlar, of the Art Deco Mystery Series as part of our Literary Corner series. The lively spirit of the 30s is often overshadowed by the Great Depression. But while it was an era of soup lines, the Art Deco Era was also a period in America that was defiantly striving toward innovative art, great architecture, economic progress, humor, and stunning creativity. Join acclaimed historical fiction author L.A. Chandlar as she weaves an engaging and enlightening lecture on the Art Deco Era’s modern spirit. She speaks about how we can all embrace the spirit of creativity even during times of scarcity and shares tea infused art deco cocktail recipes and entertaining ideas.

1:30 - Hemp Tea - Help or Hype?

Explore the convoluted world of Hemp and CBD. Learn the differences between Hemp tea and tea with CBD and explore the myriad of uses for these teas and which ones might be right for you. The hemp plant is an incredibly versatile and healing herb, utilizing all parts of the plant. Is it worth considering hemp tea or tea with CBD for the therapeutic benefits? Our instructor, Dennis Mawhinney has been studying hemp and CBD for years. Enthusiastic and energetic, he always presents a lively and informative program. He is not promoting any particular product but will have some tea to sample. Note: This lecture is for educational/informational purposes only and is not meant to serve as medical advice.

2:30 Japanese Tea Traditions. The Way of Tea 

Sachiko Houck, born in Fukuoka, Japan but currently residing in Lancaster, PA will share her knowledge of the Japanese style of tea. With a strong background in the ‘way of tea’, learning from her mother during her early years, and continuing her studies with Chado Urasenke Tankokai in Philadelphia, (a kyokai or alumni association of the Urasenke international school of tea ceremony), Sachiko will offer a glimpse into Japanese tea traditions. This class will provide an introduction to the cultural aspects of the tea ceremony, which provides a once in a lifetime moment, never to be repeated. The Japanese Tea Ceremony is a lifelong learning process, incorporating the four principals of the tea ceremony; harmony, respect, purity, and tranquility, while essentially creating a moving meditation for the guests and host. Featured in the tea ceremony is Matcha tea, a powdered green tea. The ever growing popularity of Matcha tea. has placed a spotlight on the early cultural use of this tea. The unique variety of equipage used in the preparation of Matcha will also be discussed.