Saturday Lectures

Informative programs 45 minutes on tea included in your ticket price.  

Seating hall limited to 50, First come, first served seating.

9:30am  Tea Accoutrements

Tea accoutrements can be as simple as your favorite tea cup and strainer or as advanced as using a gaiwan or perhaps a chawan. Do you know that different types of tea ware can enhance your tea drinking experience? And what is the difference between a tea pot and a tea kettle? Join the tea ware frenzy among tea drinkers and transform every cup of tea into a ritual of elegance by using a variety of tea ware to enhance your tea drinking experience.  Darlene Meyers Perry from The Tea Lover's Archives will begin with the basics and then introduce you to the latest tea ware trends in different categories such as gaiwans, teapots, chawans, tea trays, strainers, and tea pets. A wide variety of tea brewing utensils and equipment used to make the act of enjoying tea a treasured daily ritual will be discussed. Form and function, useful and modern, using the proper tea accessories will turn every sip of tea into a memorable moment.  

10:30am  The Japanese Tea Ceremony, ‘The Way of Tea’, Matcha and More 

Matcha green tea will be the highlight of this seminar featuring the numerous health benefits of tea, the increasing popularity of this special tea, and including how it is grown in Japan. Tea grown in Japan is harvested and crafted into Matcha through special growing techniques and unique processing that yields the powdered green tea known as Matcha. Historically, the Japanese Tea Ceremony is a large part of the Japanese culture, and during this ceremony, the host aims to serve the guest the most satisfying bowl of tea possible as they enjoy this ‘once in a lifetime’ moment. Time shared that can never be repeated. Spanning a period of twenty years, Todd sensei from Gessha has studied the Urasenke style of the Japanese tea ceremony. Typically, this ceremony is taught on a one on one basis, from teacher to student. In an effort to help you understand the social and cultural event of the Japanese Tea Ceremony, he will share a basic introduction to the way of tea in an attempt to understand the spirit of the tea ceremony. Some of the utensils required to make Matcha will be shown, including the chawan (bowl) and the chasen (bamboo whisk). And an explanation of the tea sweets that are served at the tea ceremony will be discussed.

11:30am Afternoon Tea Made Easy

Tips & Techniques for an Enjoyment to Tea Time by Lorna Reeves, editor of TeaTime Magazine and avid tea enthusiast.  Lorna’s love for tea grew out of an afternoon tea event at the Williamsburg Inn.  Since then she has taken tea across the nation and delights in sharing hints, simple tips and tricks for creating your own unique Afternoon Tea Party, that you can enjoy stress free.

12:30pm Tea Blending Made Simple 

 This class will cover an overview of tea blending principles.  In addition to explaining the ins and outs of tea blending.    She will give you the confidence to unleash your creativity make a blend that is personal to you and tells your story.   Jo Johnson is a former executive, turned tea blender/tea consultant!  She is the owner of A Gift of Tea in NYC and is a wonderful, focused presenter. 

1:30pm Who's Your Tea Farmer? Meet the People Behind Your Teas"

Do you know the story behind your tea? In this talk we follow tea back to the fields, meeting the people, places, and cultures behind each cup. Trace tea from farm-to-cup, and learn more about the issues that small growers face in the modern tea industry.   Rie Tulali of General Manager of Tealet, a grower network of direct trade teas based out of NV.

2:30pm Kombucha

Kombucha an ancient fermented drink, long used in Asia and Europe for its detoxification and healing properties. Kombucha uses a culture of beneficial bacteria and yeast, which is added to brewed and sweetened tea leaves and herbs. As the drink ferments, it develops effervescence and a slightly tangy flavor, as the sugar is metabolized by yeast from the culture and probiotics form. Vitamins and other antioxidants are also produced. Renewal Kombucha is a local company that produces wonderful flavors of kombucha using unique blends of teas, herbs, flowers and fruits.  Each batch is small-batch brewed with organic ingredients and love. Owner Jeremy Sayer will explain the process that is used to make kombucha and share some of the healing stories, as well as offering sample of some of Renewal Kombucha's flavors.