Saturday Tea Tastings

45 minute programs featuring tea tastings or tea pairings

Tastings are limited to 15 people and have an additional fee of $15.00 per person.  

Tickets may be purchased in advance.

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10:30am  The Spectrum of Tea Tasting: A Flight of OOLONG Teas (Sold Out)

Join Mike and Deb Raab of Tea-For-All (NJ) for an informative, educational and tasty sampling of a flight of Oolong Teas. Oolong Tea, neither green nor black tea but situated right in the middle is a partially oxidized tea that offers a unique taste sensation that might range from honey to buttery florals (orchids) to deep chocolate to roasted nuts (wood) to tropical fruit (lychee). You won’t find more diversity of flavor coupled with complexity of nature than in the oolong family. Because of this complexity in the flavors, the nuances often change and develop over multiple infusions. Sometimes called the ‘connoisseur’s tea, it is also touted as a weight loss tea.

12:00pm Larsen Meadworks

Larsen Meadworks will lead this tasting of honey wines made with herbs, fruit, spices and of course TEA.  You will be surprised by the variety of flavors and the layers of tastes in the mead.  Nate Larsen is creative and passionate about his craft!

 1:30pm  Tea and Honey Pairing Tasting (Sold Out)

The combination of quality tea and flavored honey can offer a fantastically complex and flavorful pairing to create the ultimate taste sensation! Discover a range of honey flavors at this tea and honey pairing hosted by Lori Stahl of BeeBees All Naturals. With three different teas to sample, Lori will provide a variety of flavored honey to add to each tea. You will be able to compare and contrast the flavor notes found in the honey and decide which pairing is your favorite. From light and fresh tasting teas, to the bold aromas of black tea, the flavors of the tea and honey should complement and enhance each other without being overwhelming. You will be charmed with Lori’s enthusiasm for honey, tea, and nature at this entertaining tasting session. Perhaps Lori will feature a Lavender Vanilla Honey or their newest Bourbon Barrel-aged Honey. Whichever honey she provides, it’s sure to be a flavorful treat!

 3:00pm Tea and Cheese Pairing-with Jo Johnson

Compare and contrast a variety of cheeses that you can readily find in your area with three different teas.  Each tea brings out different flavors in the cheese.  Jo Johnson has a gentle presentation style that is extremely informative and well organized.