Saturday Lectures

Informative programs 45 minutes on tea included in your admission price.  

Seating hall limited to 50, First come, first served seating.

9:30 a.m.

Romping the Tea Fields of Eastern Nepal, Darjeeling & Bihar India

 Witness the beauty of Camellia sinensis (tea) waving in the fields and meet the farmers and workers that tend that field. While traveling to international tea farms may not be in your near future, you may be ready to join Tea-For-All on a travelogue of tea farms visited this past spring. We’ll start off in Kathmandu to get acclimated to the Nepali culture. Then it’s off to Illam and Phidium to visit tea farms. We will then hop over to West Bengal where we will romp tea fields in Darjeeling and Bihar. There are lots of adventures in between that we will share with you, hoping that you, too, will be bitten by the tea farm travel bug. Certified tea specialists Deb and Mike Raab of Tea-for-All in Trenton, NJ will take you on this journey across the seas to discover where your tea originates.

10:30 a.m.

Spilling the Tea on the United States Presidents and their Families 

Did you know that many US presidents and first ladies have enjoyed drinking tea? Discover a variety of interesting presidential tea facts at this seminar. Find out which president's mother arranged tea parties along the campaign trail to encourage women to vote for her son. A group of specially selected seventh graders was scheduled to give a concert at the Lincoln Memorial.  Due to an unexpected storm, most of the students and observers left. This president invited the small group of students remaining to the White House for tea and cookies. They sang for this president and his wife in the East Room at an impromptu concert. Which president was so kind to a group of disappointed students? These fascinating facts associated with our presidents and their families concerning tea and more will be shared during this program by Certified Tea Sommelier Teresa Weddelman, from Ohio. 

11:30 a.m.

Are You a Pet Owner? 

Now, you might have a dog or a cat or maybe even a bird at home that’s your loveable pet and companion through thick and thin… but do you have a “tea pet”? Join us in this session and
learn all about tea pets, small ceramic figurines or ornaments called cha chong in Chinese, kept by tea drinkers for good luck. The history of tea pets can be traced back to the Yuan dynasty and are usually made of Yixing clay. These amazing little companions that adorn your tea table are not just any old ornament, but something special. So, come and learn about the care and feeding of tea pets… no cost involved for food, all they need is a little hot water!  Instructor Judi Slack journeys from Cleveland to present at the PA Tea Festival. With a lifetime of interest in tea, various certificates achieved at the World Tea Academy, and the enthusiasm to share her knowledge, this session promises to be a look into the curious world of historical or mythical tea pets.   

12:30 p.m.

Sense and Sensibili-Tea 

English author Jane Austen penned the beautifully written book, Sense and Sensibility which was published anonymously in 1811, 'by a lady'. Calling all Jane Austen fans for this lively and partially interactive presentation as Lin Henry, owner of Tickle Your Fancy in McConnellsburg, PA takes an amusing look at social conventions during Bath's Regency Period and today. Love and marriage, class and society, appearance vs reality, and gender roles; all themes in Sense and Sensibility, and all fair game for Lin's presentation. As was true during the Regency period and is now, practicality and passion are necessary for a happy life. We look forward to the discussion Lin brings to the tea festival. With a major in English literature and education, frequent travels to England, and a passion for tea, Lin brings an enthusiastic interpretation of then and now to this program, and she teases that someone will be in costume.  

1:30 p.m.

Talking (and tasting) Tea Lattes    

Calling all latte lovers! Are you a fan of a London Fog Latte? Perhaps a Vanilla Latte? or the ever favorite Chai Latte? In this session, we will discuss the origin of the different variety of teas that are found in these flavorful beverages, and learn the basics of how to make these yummy drinks in your own kitchen. If you are a fan of expensive lattes, join us during this program to learn how to make all of these right at home. The current cost of a latte is around $4 but we will show you how to make it for half that, or less, using real natural tea ingredients that taste fresh and delicious. A sampling of some of these tea inspired drinks will be offered as well. We are pleased to welcome Justine Duquette, owner of Cup of Community, Williamsville, NY,  as she shares her knowledge and passion about tea during this educational and tasty session. 

2:30 p.m.

Vibrational Sound Meditation

On Saturday, the International Day of Peace, PA Tea Festival attendees are invited to enjoy and relax to the sounds of a calming Vibrational Sound Meditation. Sound Therapy has been practiced in all known cultures in one form or another. Indigenous people all over the planet were aware of the relationship between sound and healing and how it can be used to access higher states of consciousness and meditative peace. Lori Stahl our Vibrational Therapist will use pure sounds such as singing bowls, tuning forks, gongs, drums, singing pyramids, koshi chimes, create a calming and peaceful atmosphere as you experience the incredible effects of being immersed in sound mediation. Lori Stahl is the owner of the Vibrational Sound Therapy Center. She is a certified practitioner of Biofield Tuning and Vibrational Sound Therapy certified by the Vibrational Sound Association.