Current Vendors/Exhibitors

Thank you to all of our participating vendors at the Pennsylvania Tea Festival

Food Vendors

Offering tea fare in Rosemary Alley to include scones and other sweet and savory treats.

Handmade artisan tea infused chocolates, local Mechanicsburg chocolatier. Note: Friday only (11a - 4p)

Cream tea or Special Tea Festival One Plate Afternoon Tea. With seating in the tea room or in the garden. Payment with cash is preferred.

Vendors for Teas & So Much More

Honey, Infused Honeys and Beeswax products  

Effective Relaxation and Pain-Relief Therapies That You Won’t Find Anywhere Else in Mechanicsburg, PA

A unique brand of tea with a bit of magic in every sip.

Note: Unable to attend this year

All natural herbal and worldly tea blends handcrafted in Philadelphia.

Unplug, unwind, and connect with a cuppa tea, Boba tea, and more with the travelin' tea on wheels. 

Note: Saturday only.

 Culinary, medicinal, decorative, fragrant, and crafty herbs will become part of the everyday.  

2023 Tea Festival Sponsor

      Gail True

Iris folded and prick and stitch cards, book foldings

Packaged tea, tea ware, filters, gaiwans, tip cup, wall cup.

Herb teas, syrups, plants. All farm grown.

All our teas our premium quality and will continuing to expand and elevate to new markets as we introduce from other tea regions in the world

2023 Tea Festival Sponsor

Recycled and upcycled Yard Art made with China

Luscious soaps, tub teas, spritzes, salves, and sniffing jars are just some of the treats they make.  There is also handmade jewelry. 

Debbie Beamer is our book vendor and she will have the cozy mystery books from the various visiting authors. Visit her in the Literary Corner of Rosemary Lane.

Representing tea businesses in  DE, DC, MD, NY, NJ, PA, VA, WV

2023 Tea Festival Sponsor

Organic loose leaf teas from the Himalayas, and small local Nepali farms. Monthly tea club. Immersive tea tours.

2023 Tea Festival Sponsor

Ohio Tea Co. prides itself on helping customers to enjoy the greatest experience possible by sharing knowledge of and an overall love for tea.

2023 Tea Festival Sponsor

Tea Wallets and Tea Advent Calendars

Hand crafted one of a kind rare teas.

Offering tea leaf readings 

Featuring Taiwanese Oolong teas.

2023 Tea Festival Sponsor

Pour something different! Our premium specialty teas are strong and robust, with tremendous mouthfeel. 

2023 Tea Festival Sponsor

Select brews from select estates.

loose leaf teas, accessories, teapots and infuser mugs

 2023 Tea Festival Sponsor

tea, cast iron pots, yixing tea pots, tea travelers, STI class instructors  

2023 Tea Festival Sponsor

The go-to journal for all who share a love of tea.

Note: not in attendance this year  

2023 Tea Festival Sponsor

Featuring quality teapots and tea ware from around the world including cozies, strainers, tidys, mug mats and exceptional teas. 

Tea, Sugar Scrubs, Bath Items

Herbal teas and dried herbs grown onsite

Individual whisked matcha, Japanese tea ceremony

All natural candles with a Tea Time Theme